Column stock "White"
Column Stock "White" - Matthiola incana. Gorgeous flowers for a bouquet. A plant 50-60 cm high. Large densely double flowers are collected in powerful compact inflorescences of white color. The leaves are large diamond-shaped. Tall c..
Double-flowered stock "Cherry red"
Tall levkoy "Cherry red" - Matthiola incana. Slender "candles" of inflorescences, rich and rare aroma are the visiting card of Levkoy. Annual cold-resistant and light-loving herb 50-60 cm tall.  The flowers are regular, do..
Hoary Stock (tall mixture)
Hoary Stock (tall mix) - Matthiola incana. Annual, cold-resistant and photophilous herbaceous plant 45-55 cm tall. The flowers are regular, double, bright colours (white, yellow, blue, purple, carmine red, ruby), very fragrant, collected 10-60 in d..
Tenweeks stock "Gigant" (mix) Matthiola incana
Tenweeks stock "Giant" (mixture) - Matthiola incana. Double-flowered flowers, rich bright colors, sweet aroma! A plant about 60 cm high, a beautiful pyramidal form. Large pink, white, red, lavender flowers are collected in powerful vertic..
Tenweeks stock "Peach"
Tenweeks stock "Peach" - Matthiola incana. Annual beautiful flower, also suitable for cut flowers 50-60 cm high. The flower has a rather rich pleasant aroma. This variety has beautiful peach blossom flowers. Blooms in mid-summer,..
Tenweeks stock (dwarf mix)
Dwarf tenweeks stock (mixture of colours) - Matthiola incana. Terry and fragrant flowers! Plant height up to 25 cm. Large flowers are collected in compact inflorescences. Leaves lanceolate greyish-green. Blooms in June-August. An interesting..
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