Salvia farinacea
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Mealy salvia "Seascape"  - Salvia farinacea.
Annual. The flower spikes in great profusion makes this one an ideal choice for bedding, borders, etc.
Tolerates some dry weather. Flowers have a very nice grapefruit smell. Good cut flower, will keep its colors.
Сompact (40-60 cm high). Constant blooming over a long period. Tender perennial (zone 8) used as an annual. Full sun, tolerates part shade.

Salvia farinacea Hall salvei

Salvia farinacea Hall salvei Mealy-cup sage, mealy sage Härmesalvia Daggsalvia Сальвия мучнистая шалфей мучнистый

Eng.: Mealy-cup sage, mealy sage. Suom.: Härmesalvia. Sven.: Daggsalvia.

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