Cucumis melo L.
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Packaged:2,0 g
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Cantaloupe melon "Melba".
Early (from germination to fruit production 68-75 days) variety. The plant is medium-sized. Fruits are oval, yellow-cream, with a sparse coarse net, weighing 0.5-0.7 kg. The pulp is orange, aromatic, sweet, with a small seed chamber.
The value of the variety: cold resistance, high yield and excellent taste.
It is eaten fresh and used for making jams, preserves, curing and drying.
In areas of unstable farming, it is recommended to grow under a film shelter or in greenhouses on trellises. After 5-6 leaves, the stems are pinched, 3-5 fruits are left on the plant. Watering is stopped 10-15 days before ripening.
1.0 g = 20-25 seeds.

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