Tagetes lucida
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Mexican marigold - Tagetes lucida.
An interesting variety of marigolds.
The leaves and numerous flowers have a very pleasant aroma of anise with honey notes and a sweetish taste. They can be brewed as tea, which has a calming and relaxing effect.
Used as a condiment, used as a medicine to treat the stomach, nerves and colds and relieve hangovers. Fresh flowers and leaves are added to salads, and dried ones are added to soups, sauces and poultry dishes.

Eng.: Mexican Tarragon. Suom.: Meksikonrakuuna, Samettirakuuna. Sven.: Glanstagetes, Meksikansk Dragon.

* A very popular plant in Mexico. It is used by local Indians as a seasoning for food, as well as in traditional medicine to treat the stomach, nerves and colds and relieve hangovers.
The leaves have a very pleasant aroma of anise and a sweetish taste. The leaves are used to make a tea that is very popular in Mexico and causes a slight euphoria.
A mixture of these marigolds (Tagetes lucida) and Mapacho tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) produces euphoria and mild psychoactive properties when smoked. It is believed that the smoke of Tagetes lucida can cause visions with closed eyes. The Nahuatl Indians of the Sierra Madre call this plant "yauchtli" and use it in their ceremonies - they induce visions by smoking this plant along with drinking fermented tea from the same plant.
Marigolds got their Latin name in honour of the character of Roman mythology, the grandson of the god Jupiter - Tages (Tages), famous for his beauty and ability to predict the future.

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