Tagetes erecta L.
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African marigold "Kilimanjaro" - Tagetes erecta.
Gorgeous background annual. It is in great demand due to its high decorative effect and unusual color of inflorescences. The bushes are compact, low, about 40-45 cm tall, at the peak of summer flowering, they literally flare up with a creamy white fire of numerous flowers ...
Inflorescences are large, densely double. It is widely used to create flower groups, flower beds, flower spots, and the unusual color of the inflorescences makes them more attractive and cheerful. Planted under fruit trees and shrubs, marigolds scare away pests with their smell. Dried flowers of marigolds are used in the fight against moths.
1,0 g = 290-300 seeds.

Eng.: African marigold, Aztec marigold. Bot. syn.: Tagetes major Gaertn.

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