Miscanthus sinensis
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Zebra grass (Chinese silvergrass) - Miscanthus sinensis.
Silvery, pink, reddish silky "plumes" of inflorescences adorn tall (1.5-2.5 m) shoots. Leaves turn purple in autumn.
Miscanthuses winter well, although it is desirable to cover young specimens with spruce branches. They grow rather slowly, but adult plants look incredibly attractive. Requires a sunny location, fertile soil and regular watering. This hybrid is represented by a variety of colours of inflorescences and much earlier flowering.
1,0 g = 1400 seeds.
Recommendations for sowing technique and care:
- in early spring, sow in seedling containers with loose, water- and breathable soil, avoiding thickening;
- ensure regular watering, loosening and shading from direct sunlight, if necessary, dive into a more nutritious soil;
- Plant the grown seedlings in a permanent place in the evening or in cloudy weather, shed well and mulch;
- in the spring, cut off the old foliage to a height of up to 12 cm, if necessary, lightly pile it up with well-rotted compost, once a season, apply a complete mineral fertilizer with trace elements;
- practically not affected by pests and diseases.
In nature, it is distributed in the Far East of Russia up to the taiga zone, China, Korea and Japan. In culture since 1875.
Winter hardiness is relative. Mulching and dry shelter for the winter are required.
Location: prefer dry and open places.
Soil: undemanding, but prefer fresh soil.
Care: cut in spring. Fertilize well. Remove shoots, as they are less attractive than the plant itself. Does not like transplants, growing in one place for many years. 
Reproduction: winter sowing of seeds and careful division of the bush in the spring. When grown from seeds, it becomes decorative for 3-4 years. Pre-sowing treatment is not required. Seeds are germinated in pots to avoid injury to the root system of plants.
Use: in single and group plantings, cut for dry bouquets. An excellent plant for the formation of backstage.
Natural flowering period: September-October.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4-Z9.

Miscanthus sinensis Early hibrids
Chinese silvergrass, zebra grass. Bot. syn.: Miscanthus purpurascens Anderss.

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