Saxifraga x arendsii
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Mossy saxifrage "Rocco Red" - Saxifraga x arendsii.
Decorative, evergreen perennial, forming dense thickets of small rosettes of leaves, strewn with many bright red flowers on thin pedicels. For some reason today they forgot about the saxifrage, although it can be a wonderful ampelous plant.

Saxifraga arendsii Arendsi kivirik Saxifraga caespitosa

Eng.: Mossy Saxifrage. Suom.: Patjarikko. Sven.: Rosenbräcka. Bot. syn.: Saxifraga x arendsii, Saxifraga exarata × Saxifraga granulata × Saxifraga hypnoides × Saxifraga rosacea.

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