Tropaeolum majus L.
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Nasturtium low "Tom Pouce" (mix) 
A fast-growing annual 30 cm high with round corymbose leaves. It blooms with spiny, short-tubular flowers from yellow-orange to bright red. Flowers are also known as unconventional and are used as a garnish for dishes and salads. Due to the content of bactericidal substances, they help with internal infections, especially of the urinary tract and kidneys, and also increase the general defenses of the body. Suitable for growing on windowsills and in decorative containers.
More permeable soil and sunny location is required.
We do not fertilize with nitrogen, we support vegetative growth through flowering.

Tropaeolum nanum, Mungalill, Kress
Jane Webb Loudon.

Eng.: Climbing Nasturtium. Suom.: Pensasköynnöskrassi, Isoköynnöskrassi. Sven.: Indiankrasse.

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