Dianthus deltoides L.
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Meadow pink "Cherry-Red" - Dianthus deltoides.
Perennial for rock garden, flower beds and pots.
Plant height 10-20 cm. A very bright, intense color is characteristic of this type of carnation. The flowers are single, completely covered with a carpet of flowers and narrow leaves.
Great in rockeries, on an alpine slide, when decorating paths, flower beds, supporting walls. Can be used as a pot culture.
Growing conditions.
When sowing, lightly sprinkle the seeds with soil. The optimum temperature for germination is +16+18°С, seedlings appear in 10-14 days. Place in sunny areas with light, permeable soil.
Sowing: February (3) - March (1), April (3) - May (1.2).
Transfer: May.
Flowering: June-September.

Eng.: Maiden pink, meadow pink. Suom.: Ketoneilikka. Sven.: Ängsnejlika, backnejlika.

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