Perennial Pinks

Perennial carnations for seed propagation.

Carthusian Pink
Clusterhead Pink - Dianthus carthusianorum. Evergreen perennial plant 70-80 cm is high. Stems 4-sided simple, leaves linear, pointed, 5-10 cm long and 1-5 mm wide. The flowers are dark pink, with sharp-toothed petals along the edge, collected ..
Cottage pink "Double mix" (feathered pink, grass pink)
Grass Pink "Double mix" (Cottage Pink, Feathered Pink) - Dianthus plumarius double mixed. Elegant, fragrant and unpretentious! A classic fragrant perennial. Ground cover plant 20-30 cm high, forming a carpet of double fragrant flower..
Feathered pink (double mix)
Grass Pink or feathered pink (double mix) - Dianthus plumarius flore pleno. An evergreen perennial growing to 0.4 m. It is hardy to zone 3. It is in leaf all year, in flower from June to August. The scented flowers are hermaphrodite (have ..
Feathered Pink (mix)
Cottage Pink (aromatic mix) - Dianthus plumarius. Charming fragrant flowers. A plant about 35 cm high, forming a dense cushion of a large number of rooting shoots. The flowers are semi-double, with fringed petals cut along the edge, with ..
Maiden pink
Meadow pink - Dianthus deltoides L. Flowering from June to September, fruiting from July. Winter hardy down to -40°C. Varieties of various colors were obtained from it: from white to dark red, as well as an evergreen form, which ofte..
Maiden pink "Cherry-Red"
Meadow pink "Cherry-Red" - Dianthus deltoides. Perennial for rock garden, flower beds and pots. Plant height 10-20 cm. A very bright, intense color is characteristic of this type of carnation. The flowers are single, completely ..
Maiden pink "Flashing Light"
Maiden pink "Flashing Light" (meadow pink). Cultivation: sunny site with a poor, sandy soil alpine house, sandy soil, sun. Propagation: seed in spring division in early spring and fall; cuttings in late summer. Maiden pink, meadow pi..
Pine-Leaved Pink
Pine-Leaved Pink - Dianthus pinifolius. Interesting plant! Perennial for rock garden. It has very narrow leaves and bright, almost spherical inflorescences. Origin: Balkan peninsula, Türkiye (cliffs and rocky ridges). Flower color: pink-purp..
Superb pink "Breath of Love" mix (Fringed Pink, Large pink)
Fringed pink "Breath of Love" (mix of colours) - Dianthus superbus. Light and delicate elegance! Pleasant, subtle fragrance. An unusually spectacular mixture with fluffy, deeply dissected flowers will delight you and turn any corner ..
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