Allium cepa L.
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Onion "Rossa Lunga di Firenze".
Medium early, fertile onion variety. The vegetation period is 80 days. Leaves are crispy, dark green, the stem ends with a small oval, pink mild tasting root.
Suitable for fresh use, particularly tasty when grilled. Resistant to low temperatures and draughts. Grows best in cultivated sandy loam, light sandy loam soil.
1 g contains 250-390 seeds.

Hibernal onion Rossa Lunga di Firenze Sibul Ruokasipuli, kepasipuli Lök Лук репчатый

Did you know that ... green onions can be prepared for future use. To do this, peel and wash the onion-feather. The easiest way to freeze is to cut the onion into pieces 5-10 mm long and blanch for half a minute in water, then put it tightly in the molds and freeze. Chop off, as necessary, the required amount from the total briquette for seasoning soups and hot dishes.
You can thaw frozen onions in a skillet with a little fat. The shelf life of frozen green onions is 6 months. 
You can freeze onions grown from bulbs of any varieties.

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