Gypsophila paniculata L.
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Gypsophila Baby's breath - Gypsophila paniculata.
Perennial. Bushes are spherical. During the flowering period, they reach a height of 50-120 cm.
Gypsophila paniculata, used for arranging live and dry bouquets, is known to all flower lovers.
Above the cluster of thin and narrow greyish-green leaves are scattered a huge number of small flowers: white and double, forming a lush cloud - that is why the British called this plant "baby's breath".
Gypsophila is valued for its openwork, graceful, dense, small-leaved shoots, which give bouquets and arrangements a special decorative effect and airiness.
Blooms from late June to early September.
The unpretentious, cold-resistant plant prefers a sunny place with light-drained, lime-containing soil, without stagnant water.
Seeds are sown before winter or in the ground in April-May, lightly sprinkled with earth. Shoots appear in 10-14 days. The crops are thinned out, leaving a distance of 30-40 cm between the plants.
For the winter, plants are pruned and young plants are mulched. Further care consists of loosening, watering and fertilizing with fertilizers.
2-3 top dressings per season will help grow luxurious specimens. Doesn't like transplants.
1 gram = 1200-1300 seeds.

Eng.: Perennial Baby's breath, babysbreath gypsophila, old-fashioned baby's breath.

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