Sedum oreganum Nutt.
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Oregon Stonecrop (Green Stonecrop) - Sedum oreganum.
Low-growing, cushion-shaped perennial for rock garden from the Crassulaceae family.
Homeland: comes from the northwestern United States, from areas with cool and humid summers, where it grows on sunny rocky slopes at an altitude of up to 1550 m.
The stems are covered with bare, shiny, green, thick spatulate leaves. At the ends of the stems, they sit especially densely, almost forming rosettes. Leaves turn cherry red in sun. Bright yellow flowers set off the colourful juicy foliage well.
Foliage: juicy, dense rosettes of bright colour.
Height from a flowering plant: 5 cm.
Distance between plants: 60 cm.
Sun, drainage and normal moisture are the main conditions for growing. Forms colorful dense rugs on slides and carpet beds.
Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z8. Winters with leaves. It remains under snow, but freezes out in snowless frosts below -25°C.
In general, the intensity of the color depends on the illumination. When shaded, even the reddest specimen turns green.
Natural flowering period: June - August.
1.0 g = 24,000 seeds.

Green Stonecrop Sedum Oreganum, Oregon Stonecrop.

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