Chrysanthemum indicum
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Painted Daisy "Indian mix" - Chrysanthemum indicum L.
Grown in greenhouses, bloom in late autumn or early winter.
There are about 150 species of annuals, perennials and semi-shrubs, differing in height, leaf shape, and flower size and color. Large-flowered perennial chrysanthemums are grown in pots.

Chrysanthemum can be propagated in two ways: cuttings and seeds. The most suitable season for this is spring.
Cuttings with two or three internodes should be planted in a mixture consisting of equal parts of humus and soddy soil. From above you need to pour a layer of sand 1.5-2 cm thick.
The plant is affected by red spider mites and aphids.
The main diseases are blackleg and powdery mildew. Regular preventive inspections help prevent the spread of pests.
Flowering: Indian large-flowered chrysanthemum blooms from late August to September.
Conditions: In general, Indian Chrysanthemum is a fairly hardy plant. It is quite cold-resistant and quite drought-resistant (within reasonable limits), but very photophilous. Grows best on light, permeable, moderately fertile soils.
However, in Estonia, the Indian chrysanthemum is grown infrequently. There are several reasons: the Indian chrysanthemum is not winter-hardy enough, and therefore, in our climate, it does not tolerate winter frosts in the open field. It blooms late, and if the summer is cold and the plants develop slowly, it may not have time to bloom at all.
Care: quite ordinary: weeding, loosening, timely watering, removal of dried shoots and withered inflorescences.
Propagation: Easily propagated by seeds. Seeds are best sown in March-April for seedlings in seedling boxes.
Seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth and moistened with a spray bottle.
At the optimum soil temperature in the range of +18+25°C, the first shoots may appear in 1.5...2 weeks.
Grown up, strengthened and hardened seedlings can be planted in open ground in a permanent place already in mid-May at a distance of 35-40 cm.
In principle, it is possible to sow seeds of Indian chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum indicum) directly in open ground in early May, but in this case there is no guarantee that young plants will have time to bloom by the end of the season.
Usage: late flowering Indian chrysanthemums Chrysanthemum indicum are a valuable decoration for flowerbeds, flowerbeds and other compositions in the second half of summer and autumn.
They can be used for decorative planting both singly and in small groups.
Equally successful can be compositions selected from both monophonic chrysanthemums, and, on the contrary, from various varieties that demonstrate all the bright variety of shapes and sizes of this beautiful and popular plant all over the world.
Chrysanthemums are indispensable for the autumn decoration of the balcony. They grow luxuriantly and bloom from late August until frost. If they are brought into the apartment, they continue to bloom until December 15-20. If you have such a chrysanthemum, then break off the axillary shoot and plant it at home in another pot. Despite autumn, the chrysanthemum stalk usually takes root, and by spring it forms a good bush.

Eng.: Painted Daisy. Suom.: Krysanteemi. Sven.: Krysantem. Bot. syn.: Dendranthema indicum (L.) Des Moul.

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