Thymus pulegioides
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Field Thyme - Thymus pulegioides.
Medicinal perennial from the Lamiaceae family.
Places of natural growth: meadows, dry slopes of Europe.
A prostrate semi-shrub 7-25 cm tall. Especially good during flowering. Its pink-lilac flowers are collected in dense heads, towering over dense small (about 1 cm long) elliptical leaves.
Natural flowering period: July-October.
Winter hardiness zones: Z4 - Z8.
Uses: food plant for honey bees, green roofs, ground cover, culinary herb.
Reproduction is vegetative and seed. 1.0 g = 8600 seeds.

Eng.: Greater Wild Thyme, Field Thyme. Bot. syn.: Thymus chamaedrys Fr., Thymus lanuginosus Mill., nom. conf., Thymus lanuginosus Mill. ex Coste, Thymus montanus Waldst. et Kit., non Crantz, Thymus serpyllum L. subsp. lanuginosus (Miller) Briq., non P.Fourn., Thymus serpyllum var. lanuginosus (Mill.) Sw.

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