Pulsatilla vulgaris L.
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Pasque flower "Anemone mix" - Pulsatilla vulgaris = Anemone pulsatilla.
The spring palette of airy Anemone flowers will decorate any flower garden and alpine slide.
Plants can boast not only the splendour of their attire during flowering but also fluffy, delicate foliage, which retains its decorative effect for a long time.
It grows in compact groups under tree arches, preferring sandy soils.
Sowing: February-March for seedlings or sowing in open ground to a depth of not more than 0.5 cm.
Seeds require preliminary stratification: sow the seeds, cover them with glass and place them in the refrigerator (temp. + 5 + 7 ° C). Crops are kept under such conditions for a month and then transferred to room conditions. At a temperature of + 16 + 18 ° C, shoots appear on the 10-14th day. Seedlings dive at the stage of a real leaf, trying not to damage the root during transplantation. Seedlings require shading and loose, moderately moist soil.
Care: Prefers any well-drained garden soil and lightly shaded areas, and responds gratefully to top dressing.
Flowering: the second year in May.

Pasque flower - Pulsatilla vulgaris Mill.
Wildly grows in Western Europe, except for the south. Stems 15-20 cm tall. The flowers are bell-shaped, and blue, blooming before the appearance of leaves. Blooms in April. Winter-hardy up to -23 degrees. In culture since 1530.
It has numerous forms and varieties.
Location: the best development is achieved in places with light shading, although they grow well in open places. Damp areas for planting are unsuitable. Places with a slight slope to the south are preferred so that excess water drains.
Soil: must be well seasoned with organic and mineral fertilizers, and cultivated to a great depth. It is advisable to add lime, nitrogen in small doses, and phosphorus and potassium - several times a season as a top dressing.
Reproduction: exclusively by seeds.

European pasqueflower, pasque flower, pulsatilla.

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