Pelargonium zonale
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Pelargonium "Black Velvet Scarlet" F1 - Pelargonium x hortorum.
Super spectacular dark foliage! For contrasting compositions!
The rich chocolate color of the foliage creates a dramatic backdrop for vibrant blooms. Especially expressive compositions are formed when combined with contrasting green or silvery foliage of other plants. The color of the leaf appears with age and is not visible on the first leaves.
Class: perennial, grown as an annual.
Usage: flower beds, containers.
Sowing: February-March.
Germination: 5-10 days at +20°C.
Flowering: July-August.
Plant height: about 40 cm.

Eng.: Horseshoe pelargonium. Suom.: Pelargoni, Zonale-ryhmä, Pelakuu, pielikki. Sven.: Pelargon Zonale-gr.

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