Iberis amara L.
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Rocket candytuft - Iberis amara.
Fragrant and unpretentious annual.
Densely branched and flowering variety with fragrant inflorescences. Excellent honey plant. Growing rapidly. Unpretentious, cold-resistant.
An annual plant, completely unpretentious to growing conditions, with semi-creeping shoots 25-35 cm high, decorated with a cap of snow-white fragrant flowers.
Stems strongly branch from the root collar, slightly pubescent.
Flowers up to 1.5-2 cm in diameter, collected in racemose or columnar inflorescence.
Iberis amara blooms in June - August. The flowers are white with a pleasant honey aroma. The fruit is a pod.

Location: sun, warmth, no waterlogging. Loose, limed, medium-fertile and even poor loams are considered successful for this plant.
Iberis is heat and drought resistant. May tolerate minor shading. Leaving, with the exception of watering during periods of prolonged drought, does not require Iberis.
Pruning after flowering.

Eng.: Wild candytuft, Rocket candytuft. Fin.: Katkerasaippo. Sven.: Vanlig blomsteriberis. Bot. syn.: Iberis coronaria hort.

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