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"Green soap" (potassium soap) is a preparation of natural origin, consisting of a mixture of fatty acids, potassium salts and vegetable oils.
Owners of household plots use it for protection against insect pests, as well as for the prevention of plant diseases in combination with other means: effectively as a reinforcing additive to homemade infusions and decoctions, ready-made pesticides for preventive spraying. Also suitable for indoor gardening.
Advantages of the product:
* environmentally friendly and non-toxic
* safe for warm-blooded animals
* sticky soap base, due to which the active components stick to the leaves better and are absorbed faster
* highly soluble in water
* can be combined with tobacco and ash infusions, herbal decoctions
* enhances the effect of pesticides and fungicides
* enhances the effect of insecticides and systemic acaricides
* effective in the fight against gray rot, late blight, powdery mildew, rust
* repels spider mites, scale insects, aphids, and mealybugs.
The product is intended for foliar treatments.
Green soap is used only to protect plants.
Fruit trees and berry bushes: pear, apple, cherry, plum trees are treated in early spring to prevent diseases (if necessary, repeat treatment 2-3 times during the summer season). Raspberries, gooseberries and currants are sprayed in the spring, before flowering, and in the fall, after harvesting.
Vegetable crops: tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage can be processed while growing seedlings (for prevention). Strawberries, onions, garlic during the growing season, potatoes and other crops as needed.
Floral and ornamental plants are treated with green soap against pests at the first signs of infection (when treating flower crops during budding and flowering, carefully spray the plants, trying not to get on the ovaries and open inflorescences).
Houseplants: treatment of indoor plants with potassium soap can be carried out year-round, following the rules:
* after processing, the flower is placed in a large bag or covered with film
* the plant is dried well without washing off the dried “soap”.

* Using green soap for indoor plants, first protect the earthen ball by tightly covering it with a film from the very trunk of the plant.
* Use soap only for spraying plants, do not add it to root treatments (!).
* Never use for washing hands or washing clothes.
* Use protective equipment: glasses, rubber gloves.
* After treating the plants, rinse the sprayer and the container in which the solution was diluted thoroughly.
* In case of contact with mucous membranes of the skin and eyes, rinse the solution with plenty of water.
* For green soap to be beneficial, use it according to the instructions, without increasing the concentration of the drug to achieve a quick effect.

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