Petroselinum crispum convar. radicosum
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This is a late variety which is intended for storage. The medium-long conical root has a cream-white colour and is 14-17 cm long. 
The aromatic flesh is white and has slight marble-like markings. This variety is highly resistant to root rust and storage diseases. 
The growing time from sowing to harvest is 180 - 200 days. Sow in the spring as early as possible, using a recommended plant spacing of 30 x 7 cm. 
A fertile variety, suitable for processing and storage. This variety needs medium heavy and lighter soils, where there does not occur the branching of roots. It is resistant rustiness.
1,0 g = 850 seeds.

Root parsley Hanacka Juurpetersell

Eng.: Root parsley. Suom.: Juuripersilja. Sven.: Rotpersilja. Bot.: Petroselinum crispum convar. radicosum.

* When choosing a parsley variety, you should pay attention to the fact that this plant has two varieties - root and leaf. 
The first is more common with us: both roots and leaves are used for food. In summer, the leaves are cut off for greenery, and in the fall, root crops are dug up.
But this is not entirely wrong. After all, it is the leaves that contribute to the rapid growth of the root crop. By cutting them off, you weaken the plant.
Root parsley and leaves have much less - up to 40, and leaf parsley has about 100. In addition, leaf parsley is healthier. It contains more carotene and vitamin C. 
By the way, parsley has not equal to other vegetables in terms of the content of this vitamin. In 100 grams of parsley, vitamin C is 4 times more than in the same 100 grams of lemon.

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