Artemisia laxa
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Alpine wormwood - Artemisia laxa.
Creeping, ground cover plant for rock gardens, with an intense aroma.  Plant height: 10 cm.
The leaves are arranged in alternate order, deeply dissected, less often whole.
The inflorescences are baskets, very small, collected in turn into racemes, paniculate or capitate inflorescences.
Marginal flowers with a narrow, thread-like corolla, white, yellow or pink; the middle ones are tubular, yellow or pink. The fruit is an achene.
Flowering period: VII-IX (yellow inflorescences).
Winter hardiness zones: Z3-6.
There are up to 30,000 seeds in 1 g.
Keep crops at Max. +5ºC, germination is uneven, often several months.

Alpine wormwood, alps wormwood. Bot. syn.: Absinthium laxum Lam., Artemisia mutellina Vill., Artemisia umbelliformis, Artemisia mutellina Vill.

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