Papaver nudicaule
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Arctic Poppy "Lemon Yellow" - Papaver nudicaule.
An amazing perennial with large lemon-yellow flowers will brighten up your garden when nature is not yet full of color.
Decorative poppy is given not only by flowers, but also by large pinnately dissected dark green leaves with a silvery sheen. A plant that combines sophistication and grace will be a worthy decoration for your flower beds and rock gardens. He is also great in groups on the lawn.
Sowing: in March - April for seedlings or in May in open ground.
Seeds require preliminary stratification: sow the seeds, cover with glass and place in the refrigerator (temp. + 5 + 7 ° C). Crops are kept under such conditions for a month, then transferred to room conditions. At a temperature of + 16 + 18 ° C, shoots appear on the 10-14th day. Seedlings dive at the stage of two true leaves, trying not to damage the root during transplantation. Seedlings are planted in open ground at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other.
Care: Suitable for any well-drained soil and sunny location. Water in dry weather.
Flowering: May - June. Self-sowing and good shelter for the winter makes it possible to extend the life span.
Poppy goes well with perennials, blooming white and blue flowers (chamomile, delphinium, sage) and ornamental grasses.

Eng.: Iceland Poppy, Arctic Poppy. Suom.: Siperianunikko. Sven.: Sibirisk Vallmo. Bot.syn.: Papaver croceum Ledeb., Papaver amurense, Papaver miyabeanum, Papaver macounii.

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