Limonium sinuatum L.
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Wavyleaf Sealavender "Golden Yellow improved" - Limonium sinuatum.
Sowing time: April.
Planting seedlings: May, June.
Flowering: July, August, September.
Planting method: seedlings.
Plant height: 60 cm.
Distance between plants: 30 cm.
Limonium is one of the most popular dried flowers. A plant up to 60 cm high. Dried flowers retain their color for a long time. Blooms profusely from July until frost.
Use for flower (winter) arrangements, discounts, mixborders.
The plant prefers sunny places, drained, loose soils. Propagated by sowing seeds in April in seedlings, lightly sprinkled with fine-grained sand. At a soil temperature of +18°C shoots appear on the 7-14th day. Seedlings dive into pots of 3 pieces, contain at a moderate temperature. Seedlings are planted in open ground in late May - early June, maintaining a distance of 30 cm between plants.

Eng.: Sinuate Statice, Wavyleaf Sealavender, Annual statice, Garden Statice. Suom.: Ikiviuhko. Sven.: Risp. Bot.: Statice sinuata L.

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