Artemisia stelleriana L.
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Dusty miller (Boughton Silver, old woman, beach wormwood) - Artemisia stelleriana.
An evergreen perennial from the Asteraceae family.
Flower colour: yellowish.
Natural flowering period: June - July.
Foliage: white tomentose, pinnatipartite, lobed.
Winter hardiness zones: Z3 - Z7.
Plant height: 20 cm.
Soil requirements: dry, medium fertility.
Usage: ornamental leafy plant for rock garden.
1.0 g = 2500 seeds.

Homeland: grows on the rocks of the sea coasts of the Far East, Japan, Alaska, Norway. Creeping perennial herbaceous plant. The leaves are white-silvery. Flowers have no decorative value. Peduncles rise up to 50 cm. In culture since 1865.

Eng.: Dusty miller, old woman, beach wormwood.

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