Pisum sativum L. convar. axiphium Alef emend. C.O.Lehm
Brand: Seklos
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Early, fertile green pea variety, blooming with snow-white flowers. The plants grow up to 50-60 cm height. Pods are dark green, very sweet. First harvest can be picked when it grows 5-6 cm long. To enjoy the harvest for a long time, sow every three weeks, from March to June. Pods are suitable for fresh use and caning. These varieties of peas can be grown in pots.
1,0 g = 3-6 seeds. 


Eng.: Sugar Pea. Suom.: Honey-herne. Sven.: Sockerärtor.Bot.: Pisum sativum L. convar. medullare Alef. emend C.O. Lehm

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