Dianthus plumarius L.
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Grass Pink "Double mix" (Cottage Pink, Feathered Pink) - Dianthus plumarius double mixed.
Elegant, fragrant and unpretentious!
A classic fragrant perennial. Ground cover plant 20-30 cm high, forming a carpet of double fragrant flowers of various colors up to 3.0-4.0 cm in diameter. Leaves with bluish bloom.
Mass flowering is observed in June-July for 30 days. May re-bloom in late summer. Plants are decorative until late autumn.
Hungarian carnation is an incredibly ornamental plant: growing, it forms a neat green carpet, over which a large number of fragrant flowers bloom.
It is widely used in the design of rockeries, borders and various flower beds: it will decorate an alpine hill, a path, a flowerpot or a balcony...
Agricultural technology.
The plant is frost-resistant. Prefers sunny places, fertile soil. Does not tolerate excessive moisture in the autumn-winter period. Responds well to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers.
Propagated by sowing seeds in February-March in seedling boxes. Seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth. At a temperature of +15°C shoots appear in 7-14 days. After 6 weeks, the seedlings dive. Planted outdoors in May. The distance between plants when planting is 20-25 cm. Prefers a sunny place and light, well-drained soil.
Flowering: June-September.
Care: prefers shady places with light, fertile, sandy or loamy soil. It does not tolerate waterlogging and stagnant water (it easily rots from dampness). It responds well to top dressing with complex mineral fertilizers.
For the winter, young plants should be covered with dry leaves or peat. It grows in one place for several years.

Dianthus plumarius Sonata Sulgnelk
Hungarian pink, feathered pink, grass pink, cottage pink. Bot. syn.: Dianthus plumoides, Dianthus hungaricus Pers.

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