Adonis aestivalis
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Adonis "Summer Love" - Summer pheasants eye.
An annual herb with a simple or branched stem, up to 30 cm high. The leaves are repeatedly cut into small slices, creating the effect of a green "lace". The flowers are bright red, 2-3 cm in diameter, solitary, located at the ends of the shoots.
Blooms in June-August.
Prefers open, slightly shaded places at midday, rich and light soil with lime. Seedlings are sown in greenhouses in March-April or in open ground in April and before winter. Seedlings appear in 3 weeks. Planted plants must be shaded. They are planted in groups, among shrubs, along paths along with arabis, primroses, anemones, on the east or west side on rocky hills.

Summer pheasants eye.

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