Aster macrophyllus L.
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Large-leaved aster (Bigleaf Aster) - Aster macrophyllus.
Origin: North America (Canada and Northwest USA).
In nature, it grows in light, sparse forests. Perennial herbaceous plant 75-100 cm tall. The bush is powerful, the stems are erect, leafy. The leaves are large, elongated, heart-shaped, alternate and green. The size of the leaves decreases towards the tops of the stems. Inflorescences up to 2.5 cm in diameter, are collected in turn in a racemose inflorescence. Feeding area 35 x 40 cm.
Inflorescences are used for autumn arrangements. They are planted in the form of groups, singly on alpine hills, as a background for lower plants. Inflorescences can be dried and used for winter arrangements.
The main method of reproduction is the division of the bush into several parts.
Sometimes plants for propagation are not dug up, but a part or several parts are separated with a sharp shovel and humus nutrient soil is poured into the holes formed. The excavated parts of the bush can be divided into smaller ones. It is important that at least one kidney and several roots be preserved.
Natural flowering period: August - September.
Frost resistance zones: Z3 - Z7.
1.0 g = 1400 seeds.

Eng.: Large-leaved Aster, Bigleaf aster. Bot. syn.: Eurybia macrophylla.

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