Aster tongolensis L.
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Tongo Daisy (East Indies Aster) - Aster tongolensis.
Perennial herbaceous plant with creeping underground rhizomes. Stems up to 120cm high. The bush is large, powerful, the stems are strong, straight. The leaves are green, alternate, lanceolate, rather large, pubescent. Inflorescences solitary, about 3.5 cm in diameter, reed flowers lilac or bluish, tubular -yellow. Blooms in June-July.
The plant is frost-resistant, photophilous. Soils must be fertile. Astra grows strongly and can “jam” neighboring undersized perennials of other plant species. The feeding area is 40 x 40 cm. Asters are planted in the spring, until May 5, or in the fall, around September.

Aster tongolensis
East Indies Aster, Tongo Daisy. Bot. syn.: Aster subcoeruleus S. Moore.

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