Lobularia maritima L.
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Sweet alyssum "Snowcloth" - Alyssum maritimum.
Very strong and delicate fragrance.
A miniature plant with small, honey-scented flowers. The plant is low, up to 5-10 cm. It forms a dense, creeping white carpet.
The leaves are narrow, lanceolate. Blooms from June to autumn. For continuous flowering, wilted flowers and fruits are periodically removed (if seeds are not needed).
They are used for framing flower beds, balcony boxes, on rocky hills, rockeries, for planting between path tiles.
Gives abundant self-seeding. It is undemanding to soils, photophilous, cold-resistant.
The plant is cold hardy. Prefers well-drained light soils and a sunny position. Propagated by sowing seeds in the ground in early May or before winter.
At a soil temperature of +18 ° C, seedlings appear on the 8-14th day. Seedlings are thinned out, maintaining a distance between plants of 8-10 cm.

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