Amaranthus gangeticus L.
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Amaranth "Perfecta" - Amaranthus gangeticus.
Bright decorative leafy annual!
A pretty multi-coloured bush about 50-70 cm high. Leaves are elongated-ovate, tricolour: a spectacular plant for real aesthetes.
Recommended for single and group landings on the lawn, the background of the borders and mixborders.
Agricultural technology.
The plant prefers light, nutritious soils. Grows well in open sunny places. Seeds are sown at the end of March - the beginning of April, the seeding depth is 0.3 cm. At a temperature of +22 + 25 ° C, seedlings appear in 8-10 days. Dive into pots one at a time. Planted in open ground at the end of May. Landing distance 35-50 cm.
1.0 g = 1400-1500 seeds.

Eng.: Joseph's coat, Chinese amaranth, Chinese spinach, hijau salad amaranth. Bot. syn.: Amaranthus tricolor, Amaranthus mangostanus L., Amaranthus melancholicus L., Amaranthus polygamus L.

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