Capsicum annuum L.
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Sweet pepper "Golden Imperator" F1.
Mid-early (107-114 days), high-yielding, large-fruited hybrid for protected ground.
The plant is medium-sized, powerful. The fruits are cuboidal and prism-cubic, 10 x 8-9 cm.
The color in technical ripeness is green, in biological ripeness it is rich yellow. Weight 160-240 g.
The pulp is tender, juicy, sweet. Wall thickness 8-10 mm. Possesses complex resistance to diseases.
The value of the hybrid: high content of sugars and vitamins, excellent taste and commercial properties of fruits, good transportability.
Recommended especially for fresh consumption and culinary processing.
The optimum soil temperature for seed germination is +26+29°C.

Paprika Golden Imperator F1 | Sweet pepper

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