Allium porrum L.
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EUROPEAN LEEK “Odrin” F1 - Allium porrum L.
A winter variety with superior cold tolerance and a short but robust plant. It has a very strong root system and grows fast, even at low temperatures. In the spring it grows much faster than the Dutch varieties.
Should be planted in seedlings, which are grown from mid-March or it’s end. Vegetation period is 100-140 days (from planting to first possible harvest, depends on day of planting).
The white part of the stalk is large, 25-30 cm long, diameter is 6 cm, leaves are blue-green. Grows best in a fertile, non-acid clay loam soil. Suitable for long-term storage. Can be sowed in autumn.
ODRIN is also very resistant to bolting. Harvest November through April (in conditions in Central Europe). Resistant to lodging.
1,0 g contains approximately 350-370 seeds.

Eng.: European Leek, Garden Leek.

Did you know that... leeks can successfully winter. This makes it possible to receive vitamin products in early spring and early summer.
It is also possible to successfully store onions buried in sand in basements and use them until the next harvest.
Due to the high dry matter content, leeks can be dried by cutting the bleached “leg” into columns. It is used in the same way as onions.

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