Anethum graveolens L.
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Dill "Hanak" - Anethum graveolens L.
Mid-early variety: the period from full germination to harvesting for greens 35-53 days, for spices 56-99 days.
Rosette is large, semi-spreading, strongly leafy.
The plant has an average height, the leaves are slightly dissected, bright green, tender, juicy, highly aromatic.
In addition to aromatic substances, it contains phytoncides, therefore, when pickling vegetables, it not only gives them a specific aroma but also protects against mould.
Variety value: high yield, a large number of juicy, fragrant leaves, resistance to disease.
Recommended for use in greens and technical processing.
Agricultural technology: dill is a cold-resistant, light-loving plant that prefers fertile, moist areas.
Dill seeds are sown on prepared soil without incorporation, but with obligatory mulching with peat by 2-3 cm.
Further care consists in loosening the row spacing, watering and fertilizing.
To obtain earlier greens, dill is sown before winter, in the second decade of October.

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