Dianthus spiculifolius Schur
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Carpathian pink - Dianthus spiculifolius.
An evergreen perennial from the Caryophyllaceae family.
Origin: rocky regions of the Eastern Carpathians, endemic.
Flower color: white with a red eye (inflorescences are large and always bearded).
Foliage: narrowly lanceolate, coarsely pubescent, dark green.
Natural flowering period: May - August.
Growth pattern: pillow-shaped.
Flowering plant height: 15 cm.
Distance between plants: 25 cm.
Winter hardiness zones: Z5 - Z8.
Soil requirements: medium nutritional, dry, calcareous.
Usage: for rock garden.
1,0 g = 700 seeds.

Feathered carnation.

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