Linaria bipartita (Vent.) Willd.
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Baby Snapdragon (Morocco Toadflax) "Cordoba" - Linaria bipartita.
A charming annual that blooms two months after sowing. Toadflax flowers resemble a snapdragon in miniature. A wide range of colors from white to cherry and purple in all shades.
There are also two-color specimens. The flowering of the toadflax is so plentiful that the leaves are almost invisible. It grows well on any neutral soils, prefers light, rich in humus.
It is used for planting on a lawn, rocky hills, for decorating walls, stairs, slopes. One of the best plants for decorating areas after the flowering of the bulbs.
Location: flaxseeds are photophilous, but can also tolerate light shading, are cold and drought resistant.
Soil: grows well in any neutral soil, preferring light, humus-rich soils.
Reproduction: seeds, which are sown in spring in a permanent place, in annual species, flowering occurs after 2 months.
In order to prolong the flowering period, sowing is carried out in several stages at intervals of two to three weeks.
Shoots with faded flowers are removed, as this causes a second wave of budding and flowering.

Eng: Baby Snapdragon, Moroccan Toadflax, Morocco Toadflax. Suom.: Kannusruoho. Sven.: Sporre. Bot. syn.: Linaria maroccana.

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