Mimulus luteus L.
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Monkey flower (colour mix) - Mimulus luteus.
Sunny colors for shady areas!
Flowering Season: summer
Light Requirements: partial shade
Flower Color: yellow, cream, orange, red
Height: 1 to 2 feet
Spacing: 6 inches
Prefers moist, well drained soil rich in organic matter; keep well watered; best with cool night temperatures; mulch to keep soil cool.
1,0 g =  20000-25000 seeds.

An ideal plant for planting in shady areas of the garden, balcony and window boxes on the north side of the building. Numerous shoots are strewn with bizarre variegated-colored flowers.
Plant height: 25-30 cm.
Growing conditions.
Sowing on seedlings is superficial, under a film or glass. At a temperature of +12°C shoots appear in 7-14 days. Pick when two true leaves appear. Plant out outdoors when danger of frost has passed. Plant in humus-rich, moist soils in sun or shade. For better tillering, young plants need to be pinched.
Attention: the seeds are very small!
Sowing: February (3) - April (1).
Planting seedlings: May (3) - June (1).
Flowering: June (2.3) - September.

Eng.: Monkey flower. Suom.: Apinankukka. Sven.: Gyckelblomma.

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