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Fertilizer for orchids.
Balanced mineral fertilizer for good growth and bright flowering of orchids, containing all the main elements (N, P, K, Mg, S) and trace elements in their natural form (Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo). The nutrients are in a slow-dissolving form, which ensures their gradual absorption by plants, avoiding the danger of overdose. The package contains at least 20 feeding sticks.

1. Measure the diameter of the flower pot.
2. Taking into account the diameter of the pot (see table), take the required number of sticks from the bag.
3. Press the sticks into the soil between the plant and the rim of the pot.
4. Moisten the soil with light watering.
5. If necessary, add sticks after three months.
When feeding especially sensitive species of orchids, reduce the dosage by half (for example: miltonia).
Water orchids during active growth (during flowering, new shoots, leaves and roots).

Pot size | Quantity
6-13 cm    0.5
14-30 cm  1
31-40 cm  2
41-50 cm  3
51-60 cm  4.

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