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Feeding fertilizer sticks for home flowers. Organic-mineral complex for indoor plants.
Feeding sticks are made from composted bird droppings (guano).
They are suitable for any plants, because they contain all the main elements (N, P, K, Mg, S) and trace elements in their natural form (Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo).
Nutrients are in a slowly soluble form, which ensures their gradual assimilation by plants, avoiding the danger of overdose.
Natural fertilizer sticks will help your plants grow well, bloom profusely and brightly.
The package contains at least 20 feeding sticks. 
(Netto 20,0 g).

Fertilize during the growth period with an interval of 1-2 months. Water the soil and bury the required number of fertilizer sticks into it:
Pot diameter | Number of sticks (pcs.)
9 cm               0.5
12 cm             1
16 cm             2
20 cm             3
25 cm             4.
Balcony box: 2 sticks per plant.
Validity: 3 months.
(From November to February, use half the recommended amount).


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