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TOMATO "BLACK CHERRY" - Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.
Early, tall (indeterminant) variety grown on balconies. Fruit is round, small, very tasty, weighs 15-20 grams. Grown in balconies, winter gardens and greenhouses.
This variety is easy to grow - the bush needs no tying, no pruning. Small tomatoes are suitable for salads, and irreplaceable for decorating dishes. Seeds are sown in March.
For the seeds to germinate quickly and uniformly, the seeding is covered by glass or film. The temperature of substrate for sowing must be not less than +21+26 °C, room temperature should be not less than +23 °C.
Tomatoes are not demanding of soil, but grow best in loam. Tomato in diet reduces risk of developing cancer and heart disease.
0,2 grams contain about 40-60 seeds.
0,2 g of seeds will be sufficient to cover the area of 8-10 m2 or 1 plant for 30 pots.

Tomat Black Cherry

Eng.: Tomato. Swen.: Tomat. Fin.: Tomaatti. Bot.: Lycopersicon esculentum

* What varieties of tomatoes are best for freezing?
For freezing, varieties with small and fleshy fruits are best suited. 
If the choice fell on cherry tomatoes for freezing, then they are frozen whole, after having pricked the skin with a needle.
If you want to freeze large tomatoes, this is also quite possible. To do this, you need to blanch the tomatoes in boiling water in order to remove the skin from them, cut them into small pieces, let the juice and seeds drain. Pieces prepared in this way can be placed in the freezer in freezer bags. 
Alternatively, you can cut the tomatoes into larger pieces, leaving the skin on them. In this case, for freezing, the tomatoes are laid out in one layer, and then they are poured into bags.
Fruits selected for freezing must be ripe, undamaged, uniform in size and color.
When considering the suitability of differently colored tomatoes for freezing, red and orange tomatoes are considered the best.

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