Lycopersicon lycopersicum
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Tomato "Pineapple" (Ananas).
Medium early, tall (indeterminant) variety yielding fruit of 110-115 grams. Tomatoes of this variety will be favourites for those who like tasty, sweetish fruit. Tomatoes are good for salads, canning.
Seeds are sown in March. For the seeds to germinate quickly and uniformly, the seeding is covered by glass or film. The temperature of substrate for sowing must be not less than +21+26°C, room temperature should be not less than +23°C. When the plants develop 2-4 true leaves, they are transplanted one by one. Seedlings are planted in the greenhouse, when frost is no longer a threat.
Tomatoes are not demanding of soil, but grow best in loam. Tomato in diet reduces risk of developing cancer and heart disease.
0,1 g contains about 20-30 seeds.
0,1 g of seeds will be sufficient to cover the area of 6-8 m2 - high yield, up to 35-50 kg, is expected under favourable growth conditions.

Oranžikas lihatomat Ananas, оранжевый томат Ананас, oranssi tomaatti, orange beef-tomato

Eng.: Tomato. Swen.: Tomat. Fin.: Tomaatti. Bot.: Lycopersicon lycopersicum

* To prevent tomato seedlings from stretching.
It needs to be tempered. For those who do not have conditions for hardening seedlings, this method of obtaining non-stretched seedlings is recommended.
After the first pick during the formation of 4-5 true leaves in plants, cut off the stem with a sharp blade above the cotyledon leaves and plant the top carefully, without squeezing the stem, water well and shade (you can build a hut from a film, because the leaves evaporate moisture, and there is nothing to take it from the soil because there are no roots). If the plant is planted in the first days, it is not scary. The roots on the stalk will soon appear in the soil, the leaves will rise. In 5-6 days after the "operation", the huts can be removed, the seedlings can be put back on the windowsill. In this case, plant growth is delayed by 10-12 days.

* Under what conditions are tomato flowers better pollinated?
Tomato is a self-pollinating plant. Tomato pollen is heavy and poorly wind-borne, therefore it falls on the stigma of the pistil of the same flower 2-3 days earlier than the ovules ripen. This is very important to consider when obtaining hybrid seeds. To form seeds, stamens with unripe pollen are removed from the flower and pollinated with pollen taken from a flower of another variety. Fertilization of a flower occurs at an air temperature of + 24 + 32 ° C. A lower or higher temperature leads to impaired pollination. At high temperatures (more than + 32 ° C), the pistil stretches above the stamens and pollination does not occur.

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