Mimosa pudica L.
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Sensitive plant "Touch-Me-Not" - Mimosa pudica L.
This is a slightly branched perennial herbaceous plant with woody shoots 30-50 cm high from tropical America.
As a houseplant, only shy mimosa is used ... Its bipinnate leaves are especially sensitive, folding at the slightest touch, and also at night, while the petiole with stacked leaves drops down (at an air temperature not lower than + 18 ° C). If the plant does not experience subsequent irritation after the first irritation, then after a certain time the leaves straighten again. At night, the leaves also fold.
From May to September, pink or lilac-pink flowers continuously appear on the tops of the shoots, collected in elegant spherical inflorescences.
Agricultural technology.
The plant is low maintenance and easy to propagate. A bright place without drafts with high air humidity and a temperature of + 18 + 20 ° C is required. It is recommended to grow mimosa from seed annually. They are sown from February to March, 6-8 pieces in small flower pots and kept at a constant temperature of about + 20 ° C until germination (after 12-14 days). Seedlings are thinned out, leaving up to 3-4 of the strongest, and grown in warm and humid conditions (covered with glass), dive 2 times into larger (up to 12 cm in diameter) pots. Plants do not pinch or cut. At the end of April, the first flowers may already bloom on the plant.
1,0 g = 160-180 seeds.

Mimosa pudica

Mimosa pudica
Sensitive Plant "Touch-Me-Not". 

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