Zinnia elegans dahliaflowered
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Elegant dahliaflowered zinnia "Envy".
Decorative period: from mid-summer to late autumn.
Size: 60-90 cm.
Flowers: have the shape of a ball, consist of many petals of an unusual light green colour.
Leaves: oval, 8-10 cm long, light green, on long petioles.
Lighting: bright.
Humidity: average.
Watering: regular from late spring to late autumn.
Topdressing: once in spring and summer with liquid fertilizer.
Propagation: by seeds in spring at a temperature of +15+21ºС.
Soil: earth mixture from hardwood, sod land, humus, peat, sand (2: 1: 1: 1: 1)
Purpose: indoors, greenhouses and winter gardens.

Zinnia elegans - thermophilic, light-loving herbaceous annual plant.
The plant blooms profusely until frost. If you remove faded flowers, then the duration of flowering increases. It tolerates high temperatures and low humidity.
It is undemanding to the soil, but with prolonged drought, the plant loses its decorative effect, flowering worsens, the leaves become faded.
To keep the plant in good condition, it is necessary to provide limited but timely watering.
Grown in room culture and used for landscaping balconies.

Pruudisõlg Envy Zinnia elegans

Eng.: Zinnia dahliaflowered Giant, Elegant zinnia. Suom.: Tsinnia, oppineittenkukka. Sven.: Zinnia. Bot. syn.: Crassina elegans, Zinnia violacea.

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