Citrullus lanatus L.
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Watermelon "Pata Negra" F1.
A very early hybrid. Fruits are round, weighing 7-8 kg. The color of the peel is dark green. The pulp is bright red, crispy and sweet.
This hybrid is highly resistant to fusarium (parasite-provocateur of the disease - fungus Fusarium).
It is grown both under cover and in the open field. To get an earlier harvest, seedlings should be planted.
Grows well on sandy, light, loamy, permeable soils, in a sunny place.
Agrotechnics of watermelon.
Grows well on sandy and sandy loam soils. Excessively moist soils are not suitable.
The landing site should be slightly elevated, well warmed up and well lit, protected from the winds. In the same place, it can be planted no earlier than after 4 years.
Sowing is carried out when the soil warms up to a depth of 10 cm to +15 ° C.
Before sowing, the seeds are treated in a solution of potassium permanganate, then washed with clean water.
In the case of the seedling method of growing, the seedlings are planted when the threat of frost has passed, at the age of 3-4 true leaves.
In the open field, the watermelon is planted in a 140 x 100 cm pattern, in greenhouses - 70 x 70 cm using support trellises.
1,0 g = 10-20 seeds.

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