Vicia faba L. var. major Harz
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Broad bean "Helbi".
Very high-calorie grains with a high protein and sugar content for dietary and baby food.
Mid-season variety with large white beans.
The plants are tall, about 1.0 m high, the flowers are white, the beans are large, with thick fleshy leaves, 14-15 cm long.
Value of the variety: unpretentious cultivation, grown on any soil under any weather conditions, cold resistance, high taste.
It is the best precursor for any crop, as it enriches the soil with nitrogen. A wonderful honey plant.
Beans are meaty, tender and juicy, high in protein and sugar (the calorie content of bean seeds is 3 times higher than that of potatoes).
Planting beans repel Colorado potato beetles and moles.
Used in home cooking, for canning and freezing.
To ensure that the harvest lasts for a long time, sowing is carried out several times.
Sowing in open ground is carried out from the end of April - beginning of May, to a depth of 5 cm.
Distance between plants: 15-20 cm. Distance between rows: 40-60 cm.
Beans prefer moist, peaty boggy and heavy clay soils.
Harvest: July, August.
1 g contains 0,5-1 seeds.

Eng.: Broad beans. Bot.: Vicia faba L. var. major Harz.

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