Vicia faba L. var. major Harz
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Broad bean "Hangdown Bialy".
Mid-season variety: 105 days from sowing to harvest.
Beans are prone to over-pollination, so keep spatial isolation when propagating two or more varieties. Due to the limited size of the plot, the gardener often has to be satisfied with one variety for this reason. The shelf life of seeds is 10-12 years (however, good germination of seeds is maintained no more than 4-5 years). Vegetable bean pollen is carried by honey bees and bumblebees. They begin harvesting for seeds when the lower beans turn black. The stems are pulled out and ripened in sheaves. Threshing is carried out manually, hulling seeds from the valves. Beans and seeds are used at the stage of milk ripeness for canning, freezing and in cooking.
1,0 g = 1-1,5 seeds.

Eng.: Broad beans. Suom.: Härkäpapu. Sven.: Bondböna.

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