Vicia faba L. var. major Harz.
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Broad bean "White Windsor".
A storehouse of vegetable protein, mineral salts, vitamins, calcium and iron.
Mid-season, productive variety. Plant height from 80 to 120 cm.
The beans are wide, the seeds are large, flat, greenish-white in colour, very tasty.
It is intended for fresh consumption or culinary processing of dry seeds. The culture is cold-resistant, demanding soil and air moisture.
Sowing from late April to early May, with pre-soaked seeds, sowing depth - 4 cm.
The best soils are loamy, well-cultivated and fertilized.
Care: loosening the soil, hilling plants, removing weeds. In dry conditions, watering is necessary; at the end of flowering, pinching the tops is carried out.
Seeding scheme: 20 x 15 cm.

Bot.: Vicia faba L. var. major Harz.

Artichokes with fresh beans, Cretan style.

5 artichokes
1 kg fresh beans
1/2 cup olive oil
2-3 fresh garlic
1-2 spoons of flour
1 bunch of dill
a little vinegar
salt, pepper.

Place beans in a saucepan with oil, add garlic, dill and 2 cups of water.
Let dinner simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.
Carefully add the chopped artichokes and let cook for another 25 minutes.
Dilute the flour in the vinegar and a little broth, then pour back into the pan.
Turn off the heat and stir until the sauce thickens.

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