Thymus serpyllum
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Kangasajuruoho "Honey" - Thymus serpyllum.

Unpretentious and frost-resistant perennial!
Perennial frost-resistant, unpretentious plant up to 15 cm tall with cylindrical, creeping stems and protruding hairy shoots in the lower part. Leaves are petiolate, lanceolate, up to 1 cm long. Peduncles 5-15 cm tall. The flowers are mauve, collected in a capitate inflorescence, as a carpet plant, they are used in curbs, group plantings, on rocky hills and rocky areas. Taste, aroma, size, color and abundance of flowers - this is not the end of the list of plant advantages. The bushes exude their scent when you touch them, so if you want to plunge into a cloud of spicy scent, just swipe your hand over them ...



Thymus serpyllum, Nõmm-liivatee

Eng.: Wild thyme, Creeping thyme, Breckland thyme. Suom.: Kangasajuruoho. Sven.: Backtimjan.

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