Asparagus officinalis
Merkki: Kurzemes Seklas
Pakkauksessa:1,0 g
Veroton: 1.55€
Vihreä parsa "UC 157".

A variety of asparagus specially designed for growing green shoots that do not require bleaching. Young, not overgrown, tender shoots that grow from rhizomes in spring are very tasty and contain many vitamins. When fresh, it tastes like green peas. Used for preparing first and second courses, for freezing and preserving. They begin to collect shoots in the third year after sowing, cutting them off at a height of 15-20 cm, when they have dense unblown heads and a mass of 20-30 g.
1,0 g = 50 siementä.

Roheline spargel Aparaghus green

Eng.: Garden asparagus. Suom.: Parsa. Sven.: Sparris.

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