Nicotiana x sanderae
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Stor blomstertobak "Roulette" F2 (blanda) - Nicotiana sanderae.

Annual plant 30-40 cm high.
Strongly branching compact shrub. They are used in group plantings, mixborders, for landscaping balconies, loggias.
Throughout the entire flowering period, the plant, covered with large bright fragrant flowers, is eagerly visited by butterflies.
Sowing in March under a canopy or in April directly into the ground. In the second half of May, plant the seedlings in a permanent place, at intervals of 30 x 40 cm, in a sunny or slightly shaded place on fertile, moderately moist soil.

Nicotiana alata Nicotiana affinis

Eng.: Jasmine tobacco, flowering tobacco, Persian tobacco, shiras tobacco. Suom.: Valkotupakka. Sven.: Stor blomstertobak. Bot. syn.: Nicotiana affinis T. Moore.

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